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Migrating Identity - T/R


Designer: Sander Boon
Available at Artimo A-Z
ISBN 90-8546-022-0

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Migrating Identity-Transmission/Reconstruction is bilingual: Dutch and English, and presents a series of works shown at the exhibition, accompanied with essays by
Sonja Beijering, Gary Carsley, Jean Ulrick Désert, Simon Ferdinando, Heidi Lobato, Lisa Holden, Odili Donald Odita, David Selden and Renée Ridgway.

The publication also contains a transcription of the conference Transmission/Reconstruction held on 4th June 2004 at the Society, Amsterdam, [in cooperation with the Gate Foundation].
Moderator was Sebastián López with guest speakers Fernando Alvim, Krishna Manjit Kaur, Heidi Lobato, Soheila Najand and Bright Richards.

MITR publication has recently been selected as one of the best designed books in the Netherlands in 2004.
Designer: Sander Boon
Printer: Drukkerij de Maasstad

The publication features contributions by the artists, film makers and theorists and is available at Artimo A-Z

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Migrating Identity - Transgression / Reconstruction examines shifts and alterations of self, nationality and identity, by initiating a dialogue between the nomadic artists’ practice and the image contingency of the migrant/refugee.

By touching cultural, moral and ethical questions that form the base of our socio-cultural matrix, M.I.-T/R visualises invisible structures in society. While exploring these constructs the realisation dawns that what one searches for, publicly and privately, is an unseen other, the identity or role that is still in transition.


Renée Ridgway, Sonja Beijering, Simon Ferdinando


Conceptual artist Renée Ridgway investigates cultural overlappings and questions of identity in modern society. Ridgway's works and interventions are based on observation, historic and cultural references and on experimental assumption of identities.

Sonja Beijering
Sonja E. Beijering has an artist's background and has been curating interdisciplinary art projects with SEB Foundation since it's initiation by her in 1998.

Simon Ferdinando
A graduate of Goldsmith's College, Ferdinando works with a variety of mediums as a visual artist and also writes selective features on various art events.
Curator of Traffic of Night in 1999 for the Gay Games in Amsterdam.


SEB Foundation, Wilhelminastraat 121-hs, 1054 WB Amsterdam

SEB Foundation

SEB Foundation was initiated by Sonja Beijering and Sebastian Duong in 1998 to develop, support and organise contemporary art projects in innovative and engaged ways.

Address: Wilhelminastraat 121 hs, 1054 WB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Fax: ++. 31 (0)84.8333160
Tel: ++. 31 (0)6.43163313


1999 bUG, Amsterdam
curators: Sonja Beijering, Sebastian Duong, Andreas Templin

2000 bUG, New York
curators: Sonja Beijering, Edward Janssen

2000 bUG, Dubrovnik
curators: Sonja Beijering, Edward Janssen

2001 bUG, Luneborg
curators: Sonja Beijering, Edward Janssen, Thomas Wildner

2001Bollywood has Arrived, icw Foundation for Indian Artists
curators: Sonja Beijering, Els Reijnders, Robert Duyf


Arti et Amicitiae

The premises of Arti's striking accommodations are located in the heart of Amsterdam. The building contains two vast exhibition halls, a club and a lovely stairwell designed by the architect H.P. Berlage in the late nineteenth century. The club's interior decoration also reflects Berlage's style and has a special ambience that is perfect for art gatherings; the club area is generally used for exhibition activities as well these days.

The building's neo-classical façade, designed by the architect Leliman in 1854, features four life-size bronze sculptures representing the Muses.

Arti et Amicitiae is a society for visual artists. It was established in 1839 to represent the interests of artists and to promote art in general. Arti has approximately 500 Artist members who represent each of the various disciplines in the visual arts. Arti also has approximately 1000 Art Lovers.


Sponsors / Credits

This project is made possible through the financial support of Arti et Amicitiae , Das Arts, Zeefdrukkerij Groot & Klein BV- Duivendrecht, Amsterdam Funds for the Arts , Mondriaan Foundation, VSBfonds, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, The Amsterdam City Council,
Prins Bernhard Culture Funds, Hivos

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Holger Nickisch, support
Sander Boon, design
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